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Hello and Greetings from Dynojet! It’s been a busy season for us in the engineering building and we have a plethora of new/improved offerings to showcase for the 2014-2015 season.


First up and brand new from Dynojet is the POD-300. This product replaces our LCD-200 and has been fitted into a platform to satisfy the needs of us hard-core sledders. We’ve kept all the cool stuff such as real time gauges, In-Field fuel trims to the Low, Mid, and Hi regions of the map, and Datalogging, but we’ve made this display visible in direct sunlight, removed the color touch screen, added programmable warning lights, and best of all – made this thing weatherproof to withstand each and every day of winter time use. Weatherproofing also meant altering the cable connection – and we’ve swapped to a robust, overmolded CAN connector to provide a solid click fit. Oh – and this little gem retails for an even lower price of $249.

Arctic Cat:

The Thief River Cat guys just keep on trucking strong every year. Whether it’s the powerhouse Suzuki powered 800cc twin, or the new 1049cc Genesis triple stuffed under the hood, Arctic Cat machines produce great power and customers are continually purchasing – thus we are building Power Commanders for their sleds all winter long. New for this season is the revamped PCV-CDI version 2.0 for the 800cc/1000cc twins. A long hard look at production board houses and component placement has taught us a thing or two, and prompted us to rework this circuit board to create a wickedly useable, tunable, and accurate new version. The new unit will look entirely the same, but the harness and circuit board are completely different. Kit builders found this fuel + timing control to be a huge benefit last year, and this season will only get better. Enjoy the ability to subtract -100% fuel or add 250% fuel AND have +- 25* of timing with these….Whoooo are they cool and produce an even stouter running sled to shred some snow with your buddies. The part number for this new module is 11-013 and fits all 2007-2015 Arctic Cat 800/1000cc twins. The standard fuel-only PCV is number 11-004 for those same 2007-2015 Arctic Cats.

That 3-cylinder 4-stroke 7000 series sled as has a PCV offered for it too – even a boost ready version to fuel your turbo J which we all love to do. Check into the 11-015 for a fuel-only solution or the 11-015-PTI to fuel your turbo.

And we will never forget about the 9000 series / 1100 turbo sleds as they sure are a giggle to ride. Our product line for these monsters consists of three lovely products in the Power Commander V, Ignition Module, and CMD. Solely the 11-009 PCV with provide you with fueling control for bolt on mods like the downpipe and intake. We also stub out a pre-configured wire to tap into the MAP sensor if you’d like to create boost tables. Pairing the PCV with the Ignition Module 6-91 gives you control of fueling and timing allows you to alter spark events based on TP/RPM or you based on boost pressure, and even employ the launch control feature and raise your Rev Limiter! This is a highly useable setup. Or, opt for our CMD (Combustion Management Device) CMD-1911 to control fuel and the actual boost pressure the engine develops. This device was wildly popular with the Z1 turbo machines and is still a large player in the 1100T days now. All of these DJ devices are compatible with CAN accessories such as the Autotune or our new POD-300 which has replaced the LCD-200. All numbers referenced are applicable to the 2012-2015 1100cc Turbocharged twins.


Boy, are we loving the enthusiasm that customers devote to their Polaris machine to make it run at the peak of its ability. This season, we have 3 …. that’s right THREE new products to offer for the Polaris riders.

First in the new line from Dynojet is the Power Commander Fuel Controller or PCFC. This bare bones unit keeps all of the tuning ability of the PCV (and accepts Power Commander Maps), but we cropped out the accessory-ability in this lower price point unit. How much lower?? It has an MSRP of $249…yep. You get everything you want in a plug-n-play fuel controller to go ride knowing the map is tuned for your exact machine and will run just how you want– for $249 under part number FC19004 for all 2010-2015 Polaris 600/800cc CFI2 machines AND the FC19007 will work for your 2007-2014 CFI4 machine. Whether you have a CFI4, or a CFI2, or even the new AXYS machine, we have a PCFC for you. The AXYS falls under FC19031. All of these models are available RIGHT NOW.

That leads us into the offering for the AXYS sled. As mentioned, we will have a PCFC for the AXYS, but we are also offering a PCV. Keep all the great tunability of a fuel map with 10 Throttle positions, 250RPM precision, store 2 maps changeable on the fly, and have the option to add the POD-300, or the Autotune Device to monitor your AFR and tune your machine automatically as you ride. This PCV version is also currently available as the 19-004 for CFI2’s, or 19-007 for the CFI4, or 19-031 for the new and exciting AXYS.

We won’t stop there though…. With our worthwhile and extremely successful Revision to our PCV-CDI units, we made the new setup versatile enough to provide a Fuel AND Ignition controller to you Polaris riders as well. That’s right – Fuel and Timing control in one box – just like you’ve wanted. After personally riding prototype units late into the spring for hard, hands-on field testing, these new devices expose some massive potential in this 800cc mill. I can only imagine what happens when a set of ported jugs are installed on the bottom end, or an altered expansion chamber geometry to really reap the massive benefits of adjusting the ignition timing! Very, VERY Cool. This new product will trickle in this season numbered as 19-030 for the CFI2’s, and 19-032 for the AXYS as a present for you to help celebrate the New Year J


We really love these Bombardier sleds. The quality that the BRP team puts into these buggies is phenomenal, and we continue to enjoy the ETec engine. While the ETec PCV has worked exactly as it should providing users with the fuel addition they need, for this year we focused on making the PCV for the ETec as good as it ever could be. Some little changes here and there in the raw background operations to accommodate this exotic piggyback system has greatly increased the stability of how this package comes together. Be sure to update your Power Commander unit to our newest version of firmware 1.13.1 to benefit from these improvements. The XM/XS chassis machines utilize the 25-017, while the elder XP employs the 25-015.

And we can never forget about the omni-present 1200cc triple. This engine is a stout platform to work with and each year we sell more and more PCV’s for this sled as 25-002 for fuel only, and 25-002-PTI for the boosted boys. This was another application where our low Price-point PCFC numbered as FC25002 found a perfect niche.


The boys in Blue are ramping up their model lineup and storming back into the market with great offerings from trails sleds through mountain monsters. As a factory sponsor of the race team these past 3 years, our relationship and ability to develop products for Yamaha machines has been wildly successful. XC racers or RMSHA hillclimb members are fueling their machines with Dynojet Power Commanders showcasing our company well with Podium finishes throughout the racing season. PCV, Autotune, and even the datalogging in LCD-200 has provided well tuned buggies.

We continue to offer the PCV for the Apex, Nytro, Phazer, and Viper, all of these come in boost ready versions to fuel your turbocharged ride. Controlling ignition timing is possible on the 2012 and older years of the Apex, and all years of the Nytro or Phazer – by pairing these together you can raise your rev limiter or even utilize the launch control feature. But it wasn’t enough to just leave our product lineup the same this year for this brand either – so all of the sleds can also opt for the PCFC as well! All Viper’s use the 22-057 or opt for the 22-057-PTI to fuel for boost. The Apex’s newer than 2012 require the 22-038 while older than 2012 fall under the 22-024. Boost-ready units are ready for these as well. The older year range of Apex’s allow the 6-111 IMV to be installed. ALL Nytro machines use the 22-025 or the 22-025-PTI to fuel for boost, and ALL can use the 6-110 IMV. Phazers newer than 2008 have the benefit of fuel+ignition in one box as 22-052. Slap a PTI on that as well for Fuel+Timing+Boost in one box and that machine transforms into a lightweight hoot to ride.

Last modified: October 29, 2014

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