Bonneville Salt Flats: Dusty Schaller claimed two new records on board Dynojet’s 2007 Honda CBR600rr in the APS-BF class at 201.332 MPH, and on the 2011 Harley Davidson Softail in the M-PBF class at 167.435 MPH.

The Honda CBR600RR went 197.08 MPH on the first pass and 205.578 MPH on the second pass for an average of 201.332 MPH. At Dynojet we utilized the Power Commander V, Secondary Fuel Module, Ignition Module, Quick Shifter, and Autotune on the CBR600rr.

“This bike was a handful to ride and we definitely have some chassis/bodywork issues, but the engine ran awesome. Looking at the data we only got to about 60% throttle and 13000rpm so there is a lot left in this bike. The new record in the 650cc APS-BF (altered partial streamliner – blown fuel) is 201.329mph. We still hold the fastest sit on 650cc motorcycle record at 206.01 from 2009.” – Dusty Schaller

The Harley Softail went 163.598 on the first pass and 171.272 MPH on the second pass for an average of 167.435 MPH. At Dynojet we utilized the Power Commander V, Autotune, Quick Shifter, and Power Vision on the Harley Softail.

“Looking at the data we were just about to hit the rev limiter. Knowing the run on the next morning would be cooler we were hoping the bike would run better so we bumped up the rev limiter on the Power Vision to 7000rpm and good thing we did. We were pulling around 6850rpm during the run and 171.272 MPH. The AFR was spot on where we set it during the whole run so the Autotune was doing its job. This was an open record (no one had ran this class before) so the new standard for the 1650cc M-PBF (modified – pushrod blown fuel) is 167.435mph. We went faster than the class that allows a full fairing so this is pretty impressive.” – Dusty Schaller

Dynojet research is grateful for the support from our friends at Automotive Racing Products, Dumonde Tech, Dunlop, Fuel Moto, IHI Turbo, Ron Davis Racing Products, Race Tech, Spider Grips, Woods Performance and Write Way Signs for supporting the build of these record setting bikes.








Last modified: May 24, 2017

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