We’ve been tuning 2017 H-D’s, have you?


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As mentioned in the last post, we started development on the new 2017 H-D models back on 8/23/17.  To date we’ve been through 7 different versions of firmware that are specific to the new models and the results have been great.  Thanks largely in part to our strong network of Power Vision beta testers; including shops, tuning centers, and otherwise savvy individuals that have been using our beta tool kit, we now have 82 calibration items supported in WinPV for software level 723!!

We’re busy developing tunes at this point, as are many of our technical partners.  We expect to make a public release on 9/26 and continue to build our tune database to support popular modifications.

As a side note, the Power Vision Tune License System does support the latest software levels…….give it a test drive if you’d like.  There’s not a more cost effective means on the market to tune H-D motorcycles.

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Last modified: May 10, 2017

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