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Can you believe it? Is winter 2016-2017 nearly here??? Well, Judging by the 7” of wet snow we received as shown here in town Bozeman on the 11th of October – we’re excited to say YES winter is definitely coming!! It was also quite nice to be riding single track dirtbike on Labor Day at 9000’ through a few inches of snow across rocky slopes in early September to wet the whistle awaiting winter…


This past snow year was extremely plentiful in Montana (especially having one of the deepest December snowfall’s ever to play in), and thus kept our minds focused on all-things-snow through the winter months and into new development surrounding the 2017 models. So of course we’ll start with the tried and true “oldies-but-goodies” that have proven themselves year after year for the Dynojet Team.
Arctic Cat riders receive our attention each season bringing new or improved products to the table. From the 4000 series up through the 9000 series, the Power Commander line of products is available to fuel each and every one of these machines. Whether opting for the fuel only PCV controller 11-021 for the 6000 lineup, or the top-of-the line 11-013-PTI unit showcased on the Supercharged/Turbocharged 8000 series rides with Fuel+Ignition+Boost Fueling control, each of these help get you to the top. As always, each Power Commander V is compatible with accessories such as the Autotune to monitor and tune your machine as you ride to keep your engine safe in real-time, or the POD-300 digital display to view and log live data as you ride, adjust fuel trims in the field, or trigger programmable warning lights when exceeding your specified parameters. Oh….and don’t worry….we’ve got the Thundercat covered as well.



Polaris sleds are privy to the widest selection of products available for any brand in the mix. Starting with the Power Commander FC, this unit applies to any CFI4, CFI2, and AXYS machines availing the same fueling adjustment range as the PCV – but for a low, entry level price point. Jump up a level to the Power Commander V and provide yourself with a -100 / +250% range of adjustment, switch between 2 stored maps on the fly (especially helpful when one must stop to re-fuel at a non-ethanol vs ethanol gas station or for Nitrous installs ) and fuel for changes based on engine temp or pressure analog channels. This fuel-only setup is also available in the tasty Dual-PTI flavor to adjust fueling for boosted applications automatically catering fueling based on changes in elevation for any boost level. One additional level brings in Fuel + Ignition Control for all CFI2 or AXYS based sleds. This provides the same fuel adjustment range as the traditional PCV or PCFC, but also adds in the ability to alter timing up to +/- 20*. Want a controller that combines Fuel + Ignition + Boost fueling in one box? You bet – the Power Commander V line covers it all!


The existing Ski-Doo product line remains unchanged provide control over the Direct injectors on every XP or XS or XM based machine. The specialized units have produced some of the best running N/A ETec 800’s on the snow including the formidable 177HP builds with pipe/porting/intake mods when paired with the PCV. The 1200 4 Stroke is also in the mix as well with products available for the 4Tec triple ranging from the PCFC up through PCV-PTI for un-naturally aspirated applications. Late last season the 2016+ 1200 4Tec received an updated plug/play version of the PCV to accommodate the new throttle body system as well as the old style.
NOW ENTER SOME NEW GEAR!! The All New Ski-Doo ETec 850. What an exciting machine. Dynojet was lucky enough to get eyes on this phenomenal new sled in February and invested much testing/riding time as last season progressed to perfect products for this new Doo. The new Power Commander V for the 850 ETec will control the booster injectors with the same range of -100/+250% providing all of the necessary of fuel for the bolt on hard parts/big bore guys and those sporting nitrous kits. Also available is the PCV-PTI line for the 850 receiving the Dual-PTI treatment automatically fueling your sled as pressure conditions change. Watch for these to be hitting the hills in force this winter!!


Ooooh… the Yamaha’s… a 180+HP stock machine… triple throttle body turbocharged 998cc fire breathing powerplant… you can bet we were excited to see this sled run, and run hard. Keep your ears to the ground awaiting some nifty new gear developed for the Sidewinder and Thundercat machines. The Viper, Phazer, Apex and Vector machines are also privy to our extensive product line ranging from the introductory PCFC, through the PCV and even stackable Ignition Modules. We know those 4 Stroke mills love boost so Dynojet offers full fueling control for those running aftermarket or factory turbo setups featuring adjustments dedicated to the primary injectors plus pigtailed out a secondary injection branch on the Vipers. 12PSI of boost is in reach when kicking all the injectors up a notch to crank out some serious ponies. But don’t stop there — add in the optional Ignition module to raise your rev limiter on all Yamaha sleds, and control spark timing based on intake pressure for the boost-aholics.




Does anyone enjoy riding Snowbikes? Here at Dynojet, we love the whole sport. So much so, that Dynojet was even fortunate enough being asked to be the title sponsor in the TRAX Snowbike Revolution Film put out by Jaya Lange! Props to Jaya for producing a very well put together film as always….The sport of Snowbiking is one we are firmly dedicated to and continue to build support for all riders of all bikes or kits. For any color of bike you wish to throw a leg over, and whichever kit you bolt underneath it, we’ve got you covered with Jet Kits for carbureted bike riders, or an entire line of fuel controllers for anyone on a fuelie bike. Controlling fueling and timing is available for select dirtbikes combined into one box producing, in some cases, an astounding 7HP gain on a KTM machine!! Want to spray nitrous at your bike? Look no further than the PCV – I thoroughly loved mine all last season and provided just the right amount of power kick when I needed it! If you’re in the mood for boost, Dynojet also offers our PTI (Pressure / Temperature Input) line for each brand as well. We’re thrilled to a staple in the performance applications from many turbo kit manufacturers, and if you’re interested in cranking up the boost requiring more fuel delivery via a secondary injector, Dynojet has that covered on the dirt/snowbikes as well.



Trax: The Snow Bike Revolution



Speaking of dirt talk, let’s shift gears and talk dirt rigs with not just 2 wheels, but how about 4 wheels…. Introducing the Power Vision CX. The Power Vision CX is a performance tuner and data monitor for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles, Indian and Victory Motorcycles that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry exclusive features. The Power Vision CX product Suite includes a handheld flash device, vehicle interface cable, and Power Core (Windows PC based tuning and data logging application). The device features the ability to flash a stock or performance tune to any Polaris off-road toy, display vehicle data channels in real-time, read and clear trouble codes, and is weather resistant for use in all conditions while remaining visible in direct sunlight. Whether you wish to alter your fueling and timing curves for more performance or to suit modifications, or adjust the speed/rev limiters, up the boost levels on the XP Turbo, or change when the fans turn on/off, and anything in between, the Power Vision CX has you totally covered.


The C3 mobile app was a big hit last season. Dynojet availed tuning for Power Commander products right from your phone. This app is available for free download on Google Play, enabling users to send any map stored on your phone to the device, adjust fuel trims in the field, calibrate throttle position, and many more things all from the palm of your hand! Now, if you’re in the mood for adjustments while out riding, simply send a new map to your fuel controller from your Phone, or (if in cell service range) give a quick call to your supporting dealer who can email you a new map and load that one! It requires a USB-On-The-Go adapter to link the port on your phone to the Power Commander V.


Well there you have it folks! We’ve been some busy beavers around the shop here at Dynojet, and can’t wait for Mother Nature to unleash a forcefully snowy winter. Enjoy what is left of fall, good luck to those hunting game for the big-one, get ready for snow, and be safe out there! Check out www.dynojet.com for information on our entire line of products.



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