If you haven’t been paying attention you may have missed out on the latest releases for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  The Power Vision now fully supports the latest ECM calibrations that are found in the MY2018 bikes, as well as the updated software levels for MY2017 bikes.  You can bet this also includes the popular new Softail equipped with the Milwaukee 8 engine!

Use the Power Vision Update Client to get the latest firmware and tune database installed and enjoy the most powerful EFI tuning solution available.  As mentioned, the update will address MY2018 bikes including Touring, Softail, Sportster, and Street models.  We’ve made additions to the tune database that include calibrations for popular exhausts, intakes, and cams for Touring models…..see below.


17T107a00301 Stock AC, Two Brothers Slip-ons
17T107a02301 High Flow air cleaner, Fuel Moto Slip-ons
17T107a02302 High Flow air cleaner, Two Brothers Slip-ons
17T107a02303 High Flow air cleaner, Rinehart Slip-ons
17T107a02304 High Flow Air Cleaner, Kerker Slip-ons
17T107a02305 High flow air cleaner, Bassani Slip-ons
17T107a02306 High flow air cleaner, Tab Slip-ons
17T107a02307 Highflow A/C, V&H Twin Slash Round or Eliminator mufflers
17T107a02308 Highflow A/C, V&H Hi-output or Oversized 450 mufflers
17T107a02401 High Flow air cleaner, Fuel Moto JackPot header and mufflers
17T107a02402 High Flow Air Cleaner, Rinehart Slimline Duals
17T107a02403 High Flow air cleaner, Bassani Road Rage 2-1
17T107a02404 High flow air cleaner, Bassani True Duals 4″ Mufflers
17T107a02405 High flow air cleaner, Rinehart 2-1
17T107a02406 Highflow A/C, V&H Power Dual w/Twin Slash Round or Eliminator mufflers
17T107a02407 Highflow A/C, V&H Power Dual w/Hi-output or Oversized 450 mufflers
17T107a02408 Highflow A/C, Khrome Werks 2-2 full exhaust system
17T107a02501 Highflow A/C, Stock Exhaust, SE 8-498 Cams
17T107a23501 Highflow A/C. Rinehart Slip-ons, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a23502 Highflow A/C. Tab Slip-ons, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a23503 Highflow A/C. V&H HO, or Oversized 450 Slip-ons, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a23504 Highflow A/C, Rinehart Slip-ons, SE 8-498 Cams
17T107a23505 Highflow A/C, V&H HO or OS 450 Slip-ons, SE 8-498 Cams
17T107a24501 Highflow A/C, Rinehart 2-1, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a24502 Highflow A/C, V&H PowerDuals W/HO or OS 450 mufflers, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a24503 Highflow A/C, Rinehart Slimline Duals, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a24504 Highflow A/C, V&H PowerDuals w/ Rinehart mufflers, S&S 465c Cams
17T107a24505 Highflow A/C, Rinehart Slimline Duals, SE 8-498 Cams
17T107a24506 Highflow A/C, Rinehart 2-1, SE8-498 Cams
17T107a24507 Highflow A/C, V&H PowerDuals w/HO or OS 450 mufflers, SE 8-498 Cams
17T107a24508 Highflow A/C, V&H PowerDuals w/Rinehart mufflers, SE 8-498 Cams
17T107a24561 Highflow A/C, Vance&Hines Power Duals/ HO mufflers, HD stage III Kit
114″ cylinders,  11.1to1 Pistons, SE8-498 cams,
17T107a24562 Highflow A/C, Vance&Hines Power Duals/ HO mufflers, HD stage IV Kit
114″ Cylinders,  11.1to1 Pistons, SE8-515 cams, CNC Ported Heads,
64mm Throttle Body, 5.5g/s high flow injectors


Last modified: March 23, 2018

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