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Two Wins For Beaubier at New Jersey


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Dynojet sponsored rider Cameron Beaubier had two first place finishes this past weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park. The podium for both Superbike races were filled with Dynojet sponsored riders. Josh Hayes finished in second place for both races and Larry Pegram finished in third place.BJN34731-3

Here are the results for other Dynojet sponsored riders:

Superstock 1000 Race 1:

3rd – Danny Eslick

4th – Josh Herrin

BJN33302-2#2 Josh Herrin

Supersport 600 Race 1

1st – JD Beach

2nd – Garrett Gerloff

3rd – Joe Roberts

5th – Valentine Debise

7th – Shane Narbonne

Supersport 600 Race 2

1st – Cam Peterson

2nd – Valentine Debise

3rd – JD Beach

BJN32936-2#95 JD Beach

Superstock 600 Race 1

1st – Bryce Prince

2nd – Connor Belvins

3rd – Dakota Mamola

Superstock 600 Race 2

1st – Dakota Mamola

2nd – Travis Wyman

3rd – Bryce Prince

BJN36800-2#74 Bryce Prince

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Dynojet Sponsored Rider Garrett Gerloff Dominates at Road Atlanta


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Gerloff dominated both Supersport Championship races taking two first place finishes. The results for Dynojet Sponsored teams are as follows:




Superbike Race 2
1s t –  Cameron Beaubier
2nd – Josh Hayes
4th – Kyle Wyman
#1 Cameron Beaubier

Superstock 1000 Race 1
2nd – Josh Herrin
3rd – Bobby Fong

Superstock 1000 Race 2
1st – Josh Herrin
4th – Bobby FongHerrin_sm#2 Josh Herrin

Supersport 600 Race 2
1st – Garrett Gerloff
2nd – Valentin Debise
3rd – JD Beach
4th – Joe Roberts
5th – Cameron Peterson
6th – Benny Solis JrSupersport_600_Image_SM#31  Garrett Gerloff

Superstock 600 Race 2
1st – Travis Wyman
2nd – Bryce Prince
3rd – Xavier Zayat
5th – Dakota MamolaWyman_SM#33 Travis Wyman

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VIDEO: Speed and Gear Calibration


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We uploaded a new video on our YouTube Channel! In this video we discuss the Power Commander 5 optional speed and gear inputs. We go over how to connect, configure, and calibrate these inputs. Check out the video below!



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Carlsson Secures Top 5 In Season Opener


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Australian Supersport regular, Jordan Carlsson, has opened the 2016 Australian Championship campaign with a consistent performance at the opening round, held at Sydney Motorsport Park on March 11-12.ASCr1EC16_5559.1-2

In mixed weather conditions, Carlsson piloted his YZF-R6 machine to a sound 4th place in qualifying on Friday afternoon, following a pair of 15 minute practice sessions in both wet, and damp conditions.

“Wet weather wasn’t the ideal situation while were are still somewhat adapting to the new Dunlop control tyre, but we feel we did a reasonable job to qualify on the front row,” he says.  “With preservation in mind, we completed minimal practice laps in wet conditions, but adapted quickly in a dry qualifying session.”ASCr1EC16_5652-2

The “twilight” style event spans four, sprint style races throughout the morning, and into the early evening, in which Carlsson achieved 5-6-5-7 results respectively, resulting in 5th overall outright.

“Having been injured for the first twilight style event in 2015, we faced a few hurdles that others had already experienced, and learned from the previous season,” Carlsson says. “I chose a tyre strategy that worked well in the initial stages, but degraded later on, making it hard to keep a hold of those of those on the back of.”ASCr1EC16_1152-2

“We’ve now learned, and can play apply a better strategy for the other run on this schedule later in the season, increasing our chance of victory,” he explains.

“Coming into the opening round, my personal goal was to open the year with a top 5 overall. Having achieved that, we can now focus on the next goal of scoring podium positions and points at each round from now on,” Jordan says.ASCr1EC16_6817-2

“I’m looking forward to the more traditional 3-day event at Mallala in a few weeks, where we can consistently build more momentum and achieve our next goal with a bigger picture in mine.”

Championship Position After 1 Round: 5

Round 2 of the 2016 Australian Superbike Championship is to be run over May 27-29 at Mallala Raceway, S.A.

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Legend Performance Tour


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The Legend Performance Tour Road Glide just left our shop to hit the road for 2016. We are super excited to have Power Vision and NEW Target Tune accessory on the bike for this year’s tour.BLOG 1

Thanks to Legend Suspensions for allowing us to tune this amazing machine last week.BLOG 2

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Dynojet Sled Update


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Welcome to almost winter 2015 folks! It’s been a wild ride since ol’ Mother Nature was coating our mountains routinely with snow, but now it’s nearing ever closer once again. Random cold snaps and an impressive dump nearing 20″ of snow on the north faces of Lone Peak several weeks ago has sparked enthusiasm from the local sled crowd. Just having returned from the Big East Powersports show in Syracuse, NY, it’s now a great time to enlighten fellow sledheads with news from Dynojet.

As it was all the rage in the hands of show-goers in NY, instead of saving what might be best for last, it’s going to lead off our story.

Introducing the C3 Mobile Application for your Android Phone! Dynojet is proud to avail tuning for PowerPCV_C3_power Commander products from your phone. This app is available for free download on Google Play, enabling users to send any map stored on your phone to the device, adjust fuel trims in the field, calibrate throttle position, and many more things all from the palm of your hand! Now, if you’re in the mood for adjustments while out riding, simply send a new map to your fuel controller from your Phone, or (if in cell service range) give a quick call to your supporting dealer who can email you a new map and load that one! It requires a USB-On-The-Go adapter to connect.

Across the product line we’ve worked to beef up our offerings in every brand, while our fabulous and loyal dealers keep pushing hard to add more performance to your ride. Compatible with Power Commander products for all makes and models, the POD-300 digital display gauge still remains wildly popular among all enthusiasts from dirt to road to snow. This little gem is loaded with features including a real-time gauge display, in-field fuel adjustments, data-logging, and even flashes warning lights when parameters chosen by you are met. The next highly useful tuning tool is the Autotune or Wideband2 device optional to add to any PCV.POD-300_WB2

Whether you just want to monitor the air-fuel ratio of the exiting exhaust gases, or have the device build you a map for you as you ride in real-time, the Autotune is immensely helpful. Simply input the desired AFR you want your engine to run at any operating condition of throttle position, RPM, or pressure – and GO RIDE….that’s it. It’ll build the map for you adjusting the fuel trims along the way to meet your specified AFR value.


The Suzuki 800 powered Arctic Cat continues to be popular across the continent with customers choosing from our fuel-only controller or Fuel + Ignition controller for their applications. We honed in the hardware on the F/I units and perfected these to be rock solid.2015_Arctic_Cat_M_9000_Limited_162_1727419 Tinkering with timing on the Cat’s has produced impressive gains, whether running naturally aspirated or boosted.
This F/I unit, as all PCV’s with fuel and ignition control can do, allows you to advance or retard timing up to 20* / add fuel +250% or subtract -100%, can raise the revlimiter of the engine, and even adjust fuel or spark based on boost levels or charge temps! Endless combinations for tuning your sled into perfection are at your fingertips with this piggyback fuel controller. More attention is also being given to the no-slouch 6000 series machine as well. There’s a Power Commander V available for that sled right now.


Polaris guys have the pleasure of selecting from any price level in our tiered product structure. Opting for the Power Commander FC – our entry level controller for only $249 will deliver the same mapping ability as the higher end PCV, but is not accessorizable with items such as Autotune or the POD-300 digital display.FC22024 Stepping up a level is the standard fuel-only PCV available for NA riders, boosted riders, or even boosted riders running secondary injectors. Take any turbo kit and upgrade to an automatic pressure compensating fuel controller requiring no fiddling with tuning running up into the hills on any given day. Tune it once – and be done! Jumping up yet another level, YES we also offer a fuel + ignition control PCV for the Polaris twins (all CFI2 or the new AXYS in 600 or 800cc versions) – imagine having control over fueling and timing in NA applications, or on boosted sleds – it’s all right here!


Ski-Doo still remains our fun team in yellow with ever-popular E-Tec’s building solid, reliable power all the time. Throwing a pipe/intake/clutch kit onto that already lean engine might gain a skosh of power, but add the PCV to the E-Tec to really watch things come alive.25-015
Combinations on the stock bore can creep over 177HP with just pipe/porting/intake when paired with the PCV! Don’t forget about the 1200 4-stroke either – that triple whether boosted or NA has some serious untapped potential.




Yamaha has been kind to us across their lineup allowing customers to choose long/short tracks, red/blue colors, 2 or 3 or 4 cylinders, and of course – boosted or non.6648.yamaha1602

With all the combinations, this brand is privy to a massive selection of our goodies to get the most out of each ride. Ranging from a simple PCFC for your header and exhaust mod, or going hog-wild with a PCV module on your turbo machine, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we’ve pigtailed out a 4th injector for your factory turbo runners for full control over that system. Thus, don’t run out of fuel at 6-6.5PSI even when at low elevations – but turn that bad boy up to 8.5PSI by having full control over the stock 3 injectors. After that boost level, now we can start kicking in the 4th injector running up to 12PSI easy-peezy. Check out all the testing of this upgrade done by Ulmer Racing on the TotallYamaha site to make your Yamaha run like a champ. Not to stop there, the Dynojet Ignition module provides control over the spark timing, And can raise that pesky rev limiter allowing you to hammer the throttle without popping the limiter so low in the powerband.


Single ski riders (dirt or snow in general) have some nifty offerings ready for them. After being approached for assistance to fuel the personal big-bore bikes of Timbersled employees last year, both Dynojet and Timbersled couldn’t be happier with the response after the full season of riding.timbersled It’s recommended by TS staff to any customer desiring a fuel controller for their bike. Available for all brands and any level of modification,  you too can ride a bike that “never has a single issue, is easy to set up, and the bike rips”. Jump on the new turbocharged bike from Aerocharger or climb on a boosted ripper from KMS and you’ll feel just how good their setup with the PCV is – and yes definitely allows you to tree ride that monster! (Just with much more impressive power beneath you). Thinking of nitrous too?? Throw that little button on your bike and fuel it with the PCV at the press of a switch. While an option to add onto any PCV, the momentary button press toggling over to a second stored “nitrous” map is as simple as inserting two little wires and has been a staple for years!

Check out our website at for more information and a complete selection of all our applications.

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VIDEO: Kawasaki Ninja H2 Dyno Runs


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Stock and modified dyno runs with a 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2. The modifications made were a Hindle Exhaust slip-on, Power Commander V with custom map and an ECM flash.

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2015 MotoAmerica Season Results


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The 2015 MotoAmerica season wrapped up this past weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

 MotoAmerica SuperSport Championship: Joe Roberts looked to add some podium finishes in another class having already claimed the Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship. The  Meen/Wheels In Motion/MotoSport rider took 1st place in Race 1. His teammate, Josh Herrin, finished in 5th Place. In the Race 2, the duo finished with another podium finish, Josh in 1st and Joe in 2nd. Josh Herrin finished the year in 2nd place in overall points.Blog 1#2 Josh Herrin & #27 Joe Roberts

Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship: In Race 2, the top 2 podiums spots were filled with Power Commander equipped Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycles. Bryce Prince of Tuned Industries finished in 1st place and Travis Wyman of Wyman Racing finished in 2nd. In the overall standings, 4 Dynojet sponsored racers were in the top 5. Joe Roberts finished in 1st, Richie Escalante finished in 2nd, Travis Wyman finished in 3rd and Bryce Prince finished in 5th.

Blog 2#27 Joe RobertsBlog 3#24 Travis WymanBLog 4#74 Bryce Prince

Superstock 1000 Championship: Dynojet sponsored racers filled 4 of 6 podiums spots at Jersey in the Superstock 1000 class. Kyle Wyman of Kyle Wyman Racing had 2nd and 4th place finishes. Josh Day, of YamaLube/Westby Racing had two 3rd place finishes. Taylor Knapp, of TOBC Racing, had 4th and 2nd place finishes. Danny Eslick, of HSBK Racing, had two 5th place finishes. Mark Heckles, of Ryders Alley Racing, had 8th and 7th place finishes. In the final standings Taylor Knapp finished in 2nd, Mark Heckles finished in 3rd, Josh Day finished in 4th and Tyler O’Hara finished in 5th.Blog 9#33 Kyle WymanBlog 8#00 Josh DayBlog 7#44 Taylor KnappBlog 5#69 Danny EslickBlog 6#191 Mark Heckles

Superbike Championship:  Dynojet Sponsored Rider Elena Myers finished the season in 5th place in the overall standings. She had 6th and 7th place finishes this past weekend at New Jersey on board her Power Commander equipped Suzuki GSX-R1000 sponsored by McGraw PowerSports/Team21Motorsport.Blog 10#21 Elena Myers

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VIDEO: Dynojet C3 Mobile App


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Extending the flexibility of Dynojet’s latest tuning software, C3 Mobile allows you to communicate and adjust your installed Power Commander V. Available FREE on Google Play.
Features include:
• Download and Send maps.
• Manage and Configure Power Commander Features;
•Configure Accel Pump
•Enable REV X-tend
•Configure Quick Shifter options
•Calibrate Throttle Position
•Clear and Accept AutoTune trims
•Adjust Fuel trims

-Requires an additional On-the-Go USB cable (Part # 42900004) to connect your device to the Power Commander V for full functionality.…/powercommander_replacement_…
-C3 Mobile currently only supports single device support with the Power Commander V. At this time the Secondary Fuel Module (SFM) and Ignition Module (IMV) are not supported and will need to be removed from the device network.

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Dynojet Dominates Bazzaz Superstock 600 Class


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Laguna Seca- First, we’d like to congratulate Joe Roberts and his team (Meen/Wheels In Motion/MoTosport) for clinching the very first MotoAmerica Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship this weekend at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Joe sealed the deal with a first place finish on Saturday on board his Power Commander equipped Yamaha R6. With only 2 races left, 4 Power Commander equipped motorcycles are in the top 5 of the Bazzaz Superstock 600 Class. BLOG1#27 Joe RobertsBLOG3BLOG2

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