Power Vision Black Series….Shipping 5/5/14


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PV1b-Only the PV-2B imageThe popular Power Vision flash tuner is the premier EFI tuning solution for your fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Adding another dimension to the overall aesthetic appeal is the new Power Vision Black Series.  PV-1B and PV-2B are new variants of the Power Vision that have a style that aligns with popular “blacked out” bikes and owners that wish to “tone down the chrome”.


Black Label PV-xB











Black_BlackChrome_PV BlackPV 035 copy

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More tunes for 2014 Models! PV_TUNEDB- is live!


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There’s already an expansive library of tunes available directly from the Power Vision (requires an update), or you can download them from the Support area of the website.

To update your device with the latest firmware and tune database, please use the Update Client.  Tune Database PV_TUNEDB- includes new tunes for popular performance upgrades on 2014 models.

To view a complete list of tunes for all years / models, click here.


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Power Vision Support for 2015 Street 500 and 750


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Dynojet is proud to announce the that Power Vision offers support for the new Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750.  We will be working on calibration development in the coming weeks and will offer tunes for everything from “stock improved” to popular air-cleaner / pipe combinations.  As it stands you can begin tuning these bikes RIGHT NOW, whether you choose to use our popular, embedded Autotune Basic or Pro automated tuning routine or visit our network of Certified Power Vision Tuners and Tuning Centers.

Looking at the OE cal, there appears to be some room to enhance the power and torque on an otherwise stock bike.

More to come……Stay Tuned

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Power Vision Firmware and Tune Database Updates


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PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.6-1346.pvu is now available via the PV Update Client.  This firmware will add support for 2 new channels on 2014 Twin Cooled H-D Touring Models:

– ECT (engine coolant temp)

– HT (head temp)

You can also find a new, updated Tune Database PV_TUNEDB-  This update will include additional tunes for 2014 Touring and Sportster models.

2014 Twin Cool Touring

14T103002406 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Dresser Duals w/Monster ovals
14T103002407 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Dresser Duals w/Monster Rounds(CAT)
14T103002408 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Dresser Duals w/Monster Rounds
14T103002409 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Dresser Duals w/Twin slash mufflers
14T103002410 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Power Duals w/Monster Ovals
14T103002411 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Power Duals w/Monster Rounds (CAT)
14T103002412 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, V&H Power Duals w/Monster Rounds
14T103002413 Twin Cooled High flow air cleaner, Rinehart 2-1

2014 Air Cooled Touring

14T103a02406 High flow air cleaner, V&H Power Duals H.O. Slip-ons
14T103a02407 High flow air cleaner, V&H Power Duals Monster Rounds with CAT

2014 883 Sportster

14T054000101 Stock Improved
14T054000301 Screaming Eagle slip-ons
14T054002301 SE/Air Cleaner, S/E Slip-ons

2014 1200 Sportster

14X074000101 Stock improved
14X074000201 SE/air cleaner, Stock exhaust
14X074000301 Stock air cleaner, SE/Slip-ons
14X074002301 SE/AC, SE Slip-ons

Looking for a complete list of calibrations available from Dynojet:











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2014 V-Twin Expo by Easyriders


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Come see us at the 2014 V-Twin Expo February 8-9th at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH. We have several new products to showcase from our all new Dyno hardware and software as well as new Power Commander accessories. We’ll be ready to answer any questions you have about new and current products. See you at the show! For more information about the show check out the official V-Twin Expo page: http://www.vtwin-expo.com/index.asp

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PCV Now Available for 2014 Harley Touring and Sportster 1200 Models


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Power Commander V is now available for 2014 Harley Touring Models (air cooled and Twin Cooled models) and 2014 Sportster 1200!

Part #15-019- 2014 Harley Touring Models

Part #15-018- 2014 Sportster 1200



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Power Vision in the Press – American Iron Magazine, October 2013 issue


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Special thanks to Tracy Martin and American Iron Magazine.  Pick up the October 2013 issue or have a look at the article here!

Click here to read article


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Power Vision Supports All 2014 Models…..tunes are being added daily


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You may have seen our post a few weeks ago, and since then we’ve done a little house keeping and added some tunes.  Be sure to check the website for updates, but more importantly use the Power Vision Update Client to ensure you have the latest firmware, software, and tune database.  You must update all three in order to use the latest features!

Beyond the items below we made a quick update recently as well:

Firmware Version 2.0.6-1320

  • Fixed a bug that affected the PV’s ability to properly lock to certain ECM’s
  • Enforce that versions of software level 614 tunes created with pre-2.0.6-xxxx firmware use the WinPV 2.0.6-xxxx or newer software

Tune Database

  • 2014 Touring Twin-Cool tunes updated.  New 614 level tunes included in this update will NOT be supported in older versions of WinPV.

WinPV 2.0.6-1319

  • Support for the latest firmware and tunes created from firmware 2.0.6-xxxx

Additional tunes will be added daily for the next few weeks.  Be sure to check the PV Update Client to ensure you have access to the latest tunes!


Firmware Version 2.0.4-1280

  • Support for Software Level 374 and 614 (2014 Sportster and 2014 Touring)
  • Added new tuning parameters
    • IAC Crank Steps
    • IAC Crank to Run
    • Idle Spark Control Gain
    • Idle Spark Control Max
    • Spark Throttle Closed Threshold
  • Made WinPV version number match the firmware version number
  • Removed the “disable EUAO” and “Lock tune” checkboxes from the Send Tune to PV dialog
  • Live Idle Feature is now located under the Program Vehicle menu.  This feature will allow you to adjust the idle with your bike running, and then the idle settings will persist when you exit this screen (no flash needed).

WinPV 2.0.4-1280

  • WinPV combined BASIC & PRO into one level: NORMAL which is the same as the old PRO.
  • Made the LAMBDA CL RANGE and LAMBDA WARMUP tables be able to be shown as AFR.
  • Identify cells that are Closed Loop in AFR or LAMBDA tables with bold letters and “ghost oval”
  • Made the graphs show the min value for the axis
  • In cell coloring RANGE mode, don’t color cells for scalars
  • Made the functions use the color gradients.
  • Tweaked 2d function graph labels and alignment a little
  • Made the graph/function graph view show the compared file in green also
  • Made the function graph show dots for the points and selection.
  • Made the active and compare table cell coloring use the same scale

Tune Database

  • Added tunes for 2014 models


  • BETA version of Power Core Software Suite, Data Analysis only*

For anyone interested in the Power Core Software Suite, Data Analysis only, please email PVtech@dynojet.com with the subject line “BETA PCSS”.  This software will allow you to load a single, or multiple data logs (up to 12) and review them in graph, table (grid), or 3-D views.  This is not a production release, so please be aware there may be a few bugs and there is NOT documentation at this time.

Graph View:

Grid View: