Secondary Clutch Tool


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Have you checked your Polaris Side-By-Side clutches lately, or even replaced the belt? If you’ve tinkered inside the clutch cover housing, you’ve noticed that removing the belt on the non-XP Turbo Polaris’s can be troubling.

The small, black, factory tool is designed to wedge into the slider or roller area of the secondary clutch, grip the inner wall of the fixed sheave spring cup, and force the movable sheave inward. Sometimes the tool will grab firmly as it cams over to hold the sheave spread, and other times this becomes a headache to merely remove the belt to replace it, examine the clutches, or install new components.

Enter the Dynojet Secondary Clutch tool for the Polaris General, Ranger, RZR 900, 1000S, and XP1000. This handy widget is designed reduce the headache involved with a simple task – removing your belt. Functionally identical to the factory tool, this Belt Removal tool features a perfected end radius, a tip that grips into the notch more effectively than the stock tool, and an ergonomically contoured handle to decrease stress on the operator’s hand thus reducing the chance of breaking a sweat. Of course, the flashly red anodized finish makes your tool easier to locate in the tool bag while adding some flare to your project…. And, once you’ve completed your task, the integrated bottle opener makes popping the top on a cold brew a worthy reward.



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The design isolates the engine coolant from the intercooler coolant and yields lower air charge temperatures. Whether you’re running stock or elevated boost pressures you’ll be rewarded with a cooler, denser air charge that increases power and lowers the chance for power robbing and potentially destructive detonation.

As boost pressure builds, so do air charge temps and your ECM will pull back timing. This will cost you power, but the Dynojet ICE-t keeps your RZR Turbo running hard and avoids untimely power reductions. If the situation calls for it, you can even drop a bag of ice in the tank for an “ace in the sleeve” edge.

 This stealthy upgrade fits perfectly under the hood and includes quality fittings, fasteners, and hoses for an OEM fit and finish.


PART #960200001  FITMENT: 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo 

PART #960200002  FITMENT: 2017-2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo 



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Active Power Mode Switch (APMS)


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Dynojet’s new Active Power Mode Switch (APMS) is now available for 2016-2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo models.

The Dynojet APMS allows you to switch tunes on the fly from the comfort of the drivers’ seat.  No need to interrupt your ride and go through the process of flashing your ECM, simply select the mode you desire and the tune instantly changes.

Our pre-configured profiles (Mode A, B, and C) are now embedded as a standard feature and included in our latest tunes.  The choice is yours; whether you prefer the “take no prisoners” flat-out performance of Mode A, the more docile stock-like nature of Mode B, or the power limited Mode C for new drivers. 

The switch seamlessly integrates into your factory dashboard bezel using an existing knock-out panel and connects to your ECM with an integrated harness. The switch is sealed, as is the connection at the ECM to ensure moisture and corrosion are a non-issue over the long haul.  Find your tuning sweet spot for everyday sport riding with pump gas or flip the switch to take advantage of race gas at higher boost levels.  To ensure maximum flexibility the modes can be customized to suit your needs by our technicians, or via our network of Dynojet Power Vision CX Tuning Centers.

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Dynojet Clutch Kits


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The Time of year is upon us….SPRING is in the air and dirt enthusiasts around the globe are awakening from their long winter’s slumber. Hungry, and suffering from a lack of 4-wheeled fun, their symptoms are only curable with an accelerator pedal under the foot, a steering wheel in their hands, and the throaty sound of their Side-by-Side satisfying their dirt-, sand-, or mud-slinging needs.

Luckily for us critters, the OEM engineers designing our chosen brand of UTV deliver what, in most cases, are stellar calibrations for the common driver piloting their rigs through average conditions while driving bone stock machines. We all owe them our sincerest gratitude for furthering our chosen sport – the ever-growing UTV craze. However, once a bit more power is added the raw output of our steed via hard parts (exhaust, intake, tuning), or an alternate tire is installed, or a UTV accrues miles on its platform, that wee-little drive belt struggles to keep up with the increased demand. This is when belt slippage occurs, power delivered to the ground begins to fade, and acceleration notably decreases.

The Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT) is notorious for high amounts of parasitic loss through the shift range, and further optimization is possible by employing the proper components.

Loading a UTV onto a Dyno and making a few pulls to characterize a WOT power curve is a tiny fraction of the true battle in developing a well-tuned engine calibration or clutch setup. Part throttle cruise RPM Ratio, upshift rate, response to load changes (backshift ), side force, and many other factors contribute to that bottom line we’re all interested in….WEIGHT….Nope; hang on! – That’s part of a different article…. Those factors contribute to – SPEED! ACCELERATION! That throw-you-back-into-the-back-of-your-seat feeling, and that beat your buddies to the finish line thrill we live for. If you have a worn out clutch setup, you won’t be standing atop that podium. Or, if your wildly tuned engine makes 20 more ponies than the fellas lined up next to you and your tires have the best traction of all, but your clutching calibration can’t put it to the ground – then you’ll likely be watching taillights ahead of you going into the first turn at the big race.

Much like how the PowerVision CX can tune the engine of your UTV exposing its fullest potential, a Dynojet clutch kit will transfer that power to the wheels with the utmost efficiency allowing you to pull ahead of the competition. Utilizing the state of the art PowerCore Software and the renowned Dynojet 224xLC Dynamometer, we’ve crossed all of the T’s so that all of the I’s in your clutching setup remain dotted with the utmost precision. Heck, we’ve even built a nifty tool to measure physical sheave travel of both clutches and built a testing matrix to itemize what the smallest of change produces for an end result.
Not only does the Dynojet Dyno enable us to simulate all of the varied loading scenarios to expedite development and measure the raw acceleration or power output, but each calibration is field tested over and over to verify the maximum reliability and performance is delivered to you. If we can’t accelerate from one marker to the next in a lesser time than the prior setup, then it’s not good enough for us, and we return to the lab.


Ripping up the dunes with monster paddle tires loads a rig far differently than the same machine moseying along a rocky plain during a family outing, and clutches will respond differently due to those vastly varied conditions. Thus, we won’t supply you with just one possible calibration set – but ALL of them – and we’ll instruct you which components to change to fit where you’re headed or even match the tires you’re installing.


When you purchase a Dynojet Clutch Kit, you won’t just get a few flyweights of static mass and a single spring to stick in one of the clutches claiming it should suit your needs every day of the year, but you’ll receive a precision cut set of 5-position fully adjustable magnetic weights, and spring(s) with start and finish compression rates dialed in specifically for your machine.



UTV’s aren’t just a fad for us. We’re owners, drivers, and racers, and we’re dedicating our company to grow with the market. We won’t settle when there is still performance to be found. Follow us as we Push The Limit.

Ride On.~T.J.


Part No.YearModel
19-DCK12016Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP Turbo /4
19-DCK62017-2018Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP Turbo /4
19-DCK22014-2015Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP1000
19-DCK52016-2018Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP1000
19-DCK72016-2018Clutch Kit,POL,RZR S 1000
19-DCK32016-2018Clutch Kit,POL,General 1000
19-DCK42016-2018Clutch Kit,POL,RZR 900 S /4/Trail
19-DCK82017-2018Clutch Kit,POL,Ranger XP1000

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Wideband CX- Dial in Performance


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Nary a rider in the world, has been out riding with his chosen vehicle and thought to himself, “This vehicle is absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about how the engine/suspension/etc performs.”

Luckily Dynojet and the rest of the aftermarket industry are here to help you build that ride. Whether it involves a different seat to feel more comfortable, better shocks or valving setup to smooth out the ride, or an increase in engine performance, many options exist to suit your exact wants and needs.


Once you’ve installed the perfect set of hard part modifications (exhaust, intake, cams, etc.), the airflow characteristics through that engine have significantly deviated from the OEM delivered styling. The control unit responsible for telling the engine how to inject fuel or light a spark plug has not been informed of your changes leading to impaired performance. An invaluable tool employed to monitor engine performance is a Wideband O2 sensor installed in the exhaust. This fancy sniffer watches how efficiently the engine is combusting fuel which is a direct correlation to whether the mixture of Air : Fuel is either ideal, too rich, or too lean. The latter two can result in performance being left on the table.


Now available from Dynojet is this very tool – the Wideband CX – which inserts O2 feedback onto the vehicle’s databus for real-time monitoring. Installed via one plug-and-play connection, the data supplied by the Wideband CX alongside current engine running conditions provides the necessary information to maximize your vehicle’s performance.

The host of this party-for-two is the ever capable PowerVision CX device to gather and log the actual datastream as you’re out for a leisurely cruise or developing on a Dynamometer. The collected information is reviewed in the Dynojet PowerCore Software Suite showcasing a pinpoint cell tracer to indicate at what Engine RPM, Load, and Requested AFR resulted in a Pulse Width to produce an AFR at that exact time….pretty cool stuff there. If the graphs indicate the AFR is not within your desired range at that moment, simply adjust the tune in that area, save the file, reflash your ride, and give it a go! You’ll now have a definitive answer that the trusty steed you’re aboard is dialed in for your riding style, your chosen accessories, and is delivering maximum performance.

Once you have logged with the WBCX you can view your AFR (or other channels from the ECU) in the Power Core Data Center software. This graph shows AFR from the front cylinder vs RPM and pressure relative to the VE table.


For fitment information and how to purchase visit

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Power Vision CX for CAN-AM Maverick X3


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The CanAm Maverick X3 has stormed onto the scenes of the ultra-competitive Sport UTV market. If sporting 24 inches of bump-eating travel isn’t enough to perk one’s interest, the 900cc turbocharged mill letting this buggy speed from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds might be just enough…

Dynojet has witnessed the growing popularity of this rig among UTV enthusiasts and spies an opportunity to deliver what many diehards might already be thinking – MORE POWAH!

At its core, the X3 is a wonderful machine and drives like a dream – but if you’ve felt a sluggish pedal, or wanted more boost at some point, or desired anything else when piloting a CanAm – then Dynojet has your needs covered with the PowerVision CX.

Now available for CanAm Maverick X3 machines, the handheld PVCX flash device can transform your machine into a dominant force by unlocking the true potential within the BRP UTV. The PVCX connects to the X3 via the diagnostic port plug-in and requires no tapping or cutting of other wires. Following the icons on the weather resistant and easy to read (even in direct sunlight) screen, the device can deliver a tune and then be removed from the connector for that appealing stealthy mode. Or, since it functions as a built-in monitor to view and also log many operational conditions, keep the PVCX mounted to your dash providing easy glances at boost levels, throttle positions, and more.

Dynojet has spent countless hours on the Dyno and in the field to know that this is one hard pulling, rubber shredding, sand slinging monster. We’ve developed tunes that maximize the power and torque of the already potent engine, and added more rev range in each gear. Can your X3 achieve a higher top speed by utilizing the PVCX? You bet it will; as our tunes bump up the speed limiters in each gear. If you’re in the mood for custom tuning, simply launch our free-for-download PowerCore software Suite available –HERE.– The powerful C3 tuning application provides an easy to use interface which exposes each table you might wish to alter to suit any range of modifications you desire. Want to alter when the cooling fan turns on or how aggressively the throttle pedal actuates the throttle bodies? Go right ahead! Those tunable values are viewable and adjustable in the software.

We can’t leave the older brother V-Twin Maverick Turbo out of the party, so YES we are developing a PVCX for that machine as well. Users can interface with the Software to custom tune any field desired just the same as the X3, while the module also plugs into the diagnostic port for easy connectivity.


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SEMA 2016 Power Vision CX & Gyro Vision Off-Road Lights Debut


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SEMA 2016 was of course full of some of the most unique builds in the world from performance to off-road. This year we released the new Power Vision CX, a flash tuning device for Polaris SXS’s and Indian and Victory Motorcycles. The Power Vision CX comes preloaded with tunes developed by Dynojet that improve the stock tune as well as tunes for aftermarket exhausts, intakes, and turbo. Tuners can open the DJT files in C3 software to make custom tunes as well.

Also released at SEMA, our new for 2017 Gyro Vision LED Lights revolutionize off-road lighting! Gyro Vision gives 30 degree movement in all directions, they move with the vehicle’s steering, and a built in gyro keeps the lights level, pointing the high intensity LED’s in the direction your vehicle is driving. A joystick lets you override automatic steering mode, using Gyro Vision as a spotlight, and you can lock the lights in position with a simple push of the joystick. This lets you use them as a work light when dismounting your vehicle such as clearing a obstacle or helping a buddy get unstuck on the trail. They are a universal light and can be installed on any vehicle using common light mounts. Up to five lights can be used together.

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VIDEO: 2014 Honda CRF250R PCV Install


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In this video we install a Power Commander V with fuel and ignition control on a 2014 Honda CRF250R.


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Power Commander V Now Available for 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000


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Now you can fine tune your Polaris XP 1000 with the long awaited Power Commander V.  Get your XP 1000 running the way it should be by adjusting your fuel and ignition curves. And for those that need more top end speed increase your rev limit with the PCV. Check out the install video so you learn how to install the Power Commander yourself.

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Power Vision in the Press – American Iron Magazine, October 2013 issue


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Special thanks to Tracy Martin and American Iron Magazine.  Pick up the October 2013 issue or have a look at the article here!

Click here to read article


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