Power Vision

VIDEO: Power Vision Shop Benefits and Features


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This video explains how dealers and shops can use the Dynojet Power Vision and the Automated Tune License system to benefit their customers.


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Power Vision Automated Tune License Program


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Do you want to be able to tune multiple Harley Davidsons with one Power Vision? Purchasing a Tune License makes that possible. In this video we explain exactly how that process works.

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VIDEO: Advanced Autotune for the Power Vision


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In this video we walk you through the Power Vision’s Autotune process. We explain the difference between Autotune Basic and Autotune Pro. We also give you detailed information about what adjustments the Autotune process is making to your ECM. After watching this video, you will have a better understanding of the Power Vision’s Autotune feature and how to enable it.

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2015 Support Has Arrived!……..and more


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Be sure to use the Power Vision Update Client to get the latest firmware (PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.10-1439) and tune database (PV_TUNEDB-

Key Updates:

  • 2015 Model Year Support
  • Calibrations for 2015 Models, including Street 500 and 750
  • Trip Center (Instant MPG, Trip A/B) support for software level 614 and 617 (2014 and 2015 Touring Models respectively)
  • Memory warning for extended logging, the Power Vision will warn you when you have 20% memory left
  • Support for software level 375
  • Supports streaming data from J1850 or HD-LAN models to Dynoware RT / Power Core
  • Added Autotune Lambda / AFR Signal support for Dynoware RT / Power Core Software


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Power Vision Black Series….Shipping 5/5/14


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PV1b-Only the PV-2B imageThe popular Power Vision flash tuner is the premier EFI tuning solution for your fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Adding another dimension to the overall aesthetic appeal is the new Power Vision Black Series.  PV-1B and PV-2B are new variants of the Power Vision that have a style that aligns with popular “blacked out” bikes and owners that wish to “tone down the chrome”.


Black Label PV-xB











Black_BlackChrome_PV BlackPV 035 copy

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More tunes for 2014 Models! PV_TUNEDB- is live!


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There’s already an expansive library of tunes available directly from the Power Vision (requires an update), or you can download them from the Support area of the website.

To update your device with the latest firmware and tune database, please use the Update Client.  Tune Database PV_TUNEDB- includes new tunes for popular performance upgrades on 2014 models.

To view a complete list of tunes for all years / models, click here.


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Street 500 Tuning


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As expected, there’s power and torque left on the table.  Gain 3-4 HP and an equal amount of torque on an otherwise stock bike…….this is an 11% improvement over stock!



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Power Vision Support for 2015 Street 500 and 750


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Dynojet is proud to announce the that Power Vision offers support for the new Harley-Davidson Street 500 and 750.  We will be working on calibration development in the coming weeks and will offer tunes for everything from “stock improved” to popular air-cleaner / pipe combinations.  As it stands you can begin tuning these bikes RIGHT NOW, whether you choose to use our popular, embedded Autotune Basic or Pro automated tuning routine or visit our network of Certified Power Vision Tuners and Tuning Centers.

Looking at the OE cal, there appears to be some room to enhance the power and torque on an otherwise stock bike.

More to come……Stay Tuned

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PV Firmware 2.0.8-1412 is now live!


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Just a quick update……..Power Vision firmware has been updated and is now available for use.  Simply use the Power Vision Update Client to download and install the update, and don’t forget to get the latest tune database  Even if you’re not using tunes from our tune database, you must download and install.  There are specific features and functions that will not work properly without it.

Last Public Version = PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.6-1346.pvu

Date Posted Live = 2/26/14

New Version = PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.8-1412.pvu

Date Posted Live =  3/26/14



  • Fixed Autotune settings bug where if you don’t have an Autotune session started, and you edit the settings, it saves the values but didn’t load them.
  • Requires Tune DB version minimum. If tune database is too old or missing, user will not be able to lock the PV to an ECM
  • Calibration Level / Strategy 614 will use lower speed datalogging in order to avoid “red light” on instrument cluster.  This has been the case since we released support for 2014 Touring and was required due to bug in Harley code.  HD has since corrected this condition with the release of calibration level 617.  All other CAN calibrations levels / strategies will use high speed datalogging.
  • Added support for strategy 617.
  • PVLINK for Dynoware RT / Power Core Software added

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Dynojet at Daytona Bike Week!


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Daytona Bike Week starts Friday March 3rd! Our dyno truck will be there offering our services to anyone with Dynojet product! We are located outside the Daytona International Speedway in the Midway off Turn 4. See you there!!!


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