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Notice all AT-110 and AT-120 owners


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We have made a revision to the AT-110 and AT-120 installation manual.  There was some confusion in regards to where sensor 1 on the Auto Tune module was to be loacted.   Make sure sensor 1 on the Auto Tune module is installed in the front cylinder head pipe. 

You can download the new manual here.  http://www.dynojet.com/newdynojet/downloads/Default.aspx?ProdType=Power%20Vision

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Sturgis + Dynojet + Boost = One Hot Harley


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Dynojet’s mobile dynamometer and support center was on-site at the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis South Dakota.   We love measuring and making power, it’s in our DNA, and this year there was a particular 2010 Fatboy Lo that we wanted to show off.

Touting a Sean Ray Turbo System with stock 96 Ci pistons, CNC ported heads, SE cams, and 20 psi of boost on race gas this bike is capable of 250+ rwhp!!  The long block is all stock and this bike isn’t just a dyno queen, it’s designed and built to be ridden…..hard. The best part is that it’s seamlessly smooth, pulls like a freight train, and utilizes the stock ECM safeguards like knock protection and temp vs spark advance compensation.  At the event, the bike was run in “street trim” and burning pump gas to the tune of 140 rwhp. Pretty nice for a fairly stock H-D 96ci engine!!  Oh yeah, most importantly the EMS system is a stock Delphi ECM with a Power Vision flash, Power Commander 5-PTi with integrated 3 bar TMAP sensor, and custom high flow Delphi fuel injectors.

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Support for ECM p/n 32534-11, a service ECM for drive by cable J1850 bikes


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If your ECM fails to unlock, then one of the potential reasons is that your Tune / Configuration Database may be out of date.  We recently added support ECM p/n 32534-11 which is a new service ECM for  most “drive by cable” J1850 Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The update is included in Tune / Config Database update.

Remember to always update all three major components of the Power Vision Software Suite:

  1. WinPV
  2. Firmware
  3. Tune / Config Database*

* the Tune / Config Database is more than just tunes, it also contains various instructions to make your Power Vision work correctly.  Don’t get in the habit of ignoring the Tune / Config Database when you use the Power Vision Automatic Update Client to download and install the latest versions.

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The New ECM on 2012 H-D Dyna and Softail Models….support is coming!!


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Well, we’re another step closer to supporting the 2012 Dyna and Softail with the Power Vision.

The new Calibration Strategy is “357”…..I know that doesn’t really mean much to most, but here it is.

The calibration has the base fuel table represented in lambda, which is a first for “throttle by cable” H-D bikes. Here’s a quick look at that. Also, you should note that the closed loop fuel control strategy is active in the area I’ve highlighted in blue.

Dyno tuners will be happy though, the VE tables have the X-axis defined as TP%. This makes it’s a bit easier for tuners to maintain a steady state while they correct VE values during the tuning process (compared to trying to hold a steady state MAP value, which although seems like a challenge is quite easy with a Dynojet load control dyno and a skilled operator).

We’re hard charging towards the eminent release of new firmware to support the latest technology that exists on the 2012 Dyna and Softail. Stay tuned, because after all, isn’t that what we’re all after?


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Update Update Update – Power Vision


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Many new features are now available for your Power Vision.  Please use the Update Client to acquire the latest software, firmware, and tune database.  Some of the new features include:

Firmware 1.0.6-904

  • Fuel Mileage Trip Center – allows you to correct Distance, Fuel Used, and MPG channels to yield accurate MPG readings.
  • Auto Channel Setup for Log Tuner Sessions, along with “Visual VE Table” with flying cursor and cell count (PIN 319245) .
  • Added new diagnostic test: J1850 Read Freeze Frame data
    • If in the event the “Check Engine Light” illuminates, you can enter PIN 924107 and select “Read Freeze Frame Data”.  This will show (on the device) the vehicle’s operating conditions and sensor values present when the fault occurred.  The freeze frame report is contained within the “DiagnosticHistory.txt” file that’s able to be extracted and read with WinPV.
  • Fixed bug where “C” Diagnostic Trouble Codes were being displayed as “X” codes.
  • Only show the “Trips since last DTC” if there is a DTC

WinPV Software

  • Added Smooth and Interpolate functions to WinPV
  • Added Undo function to WinPV
  • Added “Revert to Last Loaded” function to WinPV
  • Added a visual indication to identify parameters that don’t match when using the compare feature.  This offers a quick, easy way to identify where the tune has changed.
    • Yellow Flag = different
    • Green Flag = doesn’t exist in compare, but does exist in active file (so you can’t comare it to the compare).
    • Red Flag = exists in compare, but does NOT exist in active file (so you can’t edit it)
  • Added “Exit PC Link Mode” function to WinPV.  This will allow you to enter a few menus, such as “Datalog” without the need to have the Power Vision attached / plugged into the bike.  No more draining the battery to assign channels to gauges

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Powered by Power Vision…..a testimonial


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Aaron is customer who invested in the Power Vision and Auto Tune kit for his 2007 Ultra.  Knowing that he wanted a custom tune, and without a knowledgeable tuner in his area, our Log Tuner software helped him tune like the pros.  Aaron doesn’t have any tuning experience, but that’s ok, the Power Vision has all the right tools to ensure a safe and powerful tune at the end of the day.  After a few sessions of processing datalogs with our powerful Log Tuner software, he’s extremely pleased with the results and had this to share:

“Just a quick update. Since our last contact I’ve managed to rack up several thousand miles (about 5k or so) and have nothing but good to say about the Power Vision. The bike has never run so well and the fuel economy is better then ever! Crisp throttle response, no pinging and the EIMTS works flawlessly. If I had more than 2 thumbs they’d all be up!! Thank you again for all your help and for such a great product. Having used several other tuning products I can say that this one is “The One”!!!!”

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Power Vision – 2012 Model Support


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Power Vision, the world’s best flash tuning system for H-D motorcycles, supports all 2001 / 2002 – to -current 2012 models except for the Dyna and Softail Models.  So, what 2012 models does the Power Vision Support?

  • 2012 Touring Model, including Trikes
  • 2012 Sportster
  • 2012 V-rod

We’re proud to say that 2012 Dyna and Softail support won’t be too much longer, as development is going very well.  If you didn’t know, the above mentioned models use a new ECM with CAN-bus communication broadcasting on the HD-LAN.  This ECM is new, and different than the two CAN-bus ECM’s used on last years Softail, and Softail CVO.

Stay tuned, your 2012 Dyna and Softail will be “Powered by Power Vision” in the near future.

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Power Vision Visor and Quick Clip System now available


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This optional accessory will result in better screen visibility and a provision to quickly detach the Power Vision from your bike. Made from high quality, tough ABS plastic with a black chrome finish on the visor, this optional accessory is a functional enhancement that looks great as well. The embedded “NutSerts” allow you to securely attach the Visor / Quick Clip accessory to a mounting system such as those offered by TechMounts, or any system with an AMPS 4-hole pattern.

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