Congrats to Jordan Carlsson on Australian Supersport Championship Round 4


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“The Hyperion Motorsports/Graves Yamaha Team can report that Supersport rider, Jordan Carlsson, has regained a close 4th overall in the Australian Supersport Championship, following Round 4 of the Australian Superbike Championship, at Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin, at the weekend. It is a positive step for the team, as the season enters its second half, with three rounds now remaining, however, it wasn’t without complications. Carlsson displayed pure persistence and determination during both 14 lap races in the heat of the Darwin sun, following a qualifying result that left much room for improvement, by both team, and rider, due largely to a lack of circuit knowledge, having never been to Hidden Valley before.” Read the full press release at

“To be honest we struggled a lot to find a setting that allowed us to push for a lap time to give us a good starting position” Jordan explains. “We had our work cut out for us there as a lot of the guys competed at the Three-Hour endurance race the week prior, and that gave them an advantage right from FP1. We found the pace we needed, but much alter than we would’ve liked to. That is something we need to actively work on, and I look forward to the official ASBK Test ahead of Round 5, as qualifying has been our weak point in the last two rounds in particular. We’ve had good race pace, but it is just so critical to qualify well with this format of racing, as it allows me to manage the tyre a lot better towards the end of the race and push for race wins in order to bank maximum points for the championship” he says.


Qualifying: 13th
Lap Time: 1:09:991
Pole Time:1:09:153
Top Speed: 267km/h
Lap Record: 1:09:458



Keep up the good racing Jordan #45.

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Dynojet Returns from Bonneville with 2 New Land Speed Records.


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Bonneville Salt Flats: Dusty Schaller claimed two new records on board Dynojet’s 2007 Honda CBR600rr in the APS-BF class at 201.332 MPH, and on the 2011 Harley Davidson Softail in the M-PBF class at 167.435 MPH.

The Honda CBR600RR went 197.08 MPH on the first pass and 205.578 MPH on the second pass for an average of 201.332 MPH. At Dynojet we utilized the Power Commander V, Secondary Fuel Module, Ignition Module, Quick Shifter, and Autotune on the CBR600rr.

“This bike was a handful to ride and we definitely have some chassis/bodywork issues, but the engine ran awesome. Looking at the data we only got to about 60% throttle and 13000rpm so there is a lot left in this bike. The new record in the 650cc APS-BF (altered partial streamliner – blown fuel) is 201.329mph. We still hold the fastest sit on 650cc motorcycle record at 206.01 from 2009.” – Dusty Schaller

The Harley Softail went 163.598 on the first pass and 171.272 MPH on the second pass for an average of 167.435 MPH. At Dynojet we utilized the Power Commander V, Autotune, Quick Shifter, and Power Vision on the Harley Softail.

“Looking at the data we were just about to hit the rev limiter. Knowing the run on the next morning would be cooler we were hoping the bike would run better so we bumped up the rev limiter on the Power Vision to 7000rpm and good thing we did. We were pulling around 6850rpm during the run and 171.272 MPH. The AFR was spot on where we set it during the whole run so the Autotune was doing its job. This was an open record (no one had ran this class before) so the new standard for the 1650cc M-PBF (modified – pushrod blown fuel) is 167.435mph. We went faster than the class that allows a full fairing so this is pretty impressive.” – Dusty Schaller

Dynojet research is grateful for the support from our friends at Automotive Racing Products, Dumonde Tech, Dunlop, Fuel Moto, IHI Turbo, Ron Davis Racing Products, Race Tech, Spider Grips, Woods Performance and Write Way Signs for supporting the build of these record setting bikes.








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Dynojet/Graves Yamaha Racing Development , Carlsson Snares Podium Again – Mixed Results In Sydney


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Dynojet/Graves Yamaha Racing Development Supersport rider, Jordan Carlsson, has carried his form into Round 4 of the Australasian Superbike Championship held at Sydney Motorsport park, at the weekend. Following a string of podium results and an outright 3rd overall at round 3, Jordan carried his momentum into the Sydney round.

“I felt confident going in to the Sydney round” he explains. “It is one of my favourite circuits here in Australia and coming off the back of our results at QR, the team was very enthusiastic to get to work, so it was a good environment to be a part of.”

The twilight schedule allows only, two, 15 minute practice sessions on Friday. Following these, on Friday afternoon, Carlsson piloted his Yamaha YZF-R6 to the front row of the grid, in 4th position with a Qualifying lap time of 1:35:403.

“I knew we had the pace in us to run a pole lap. My chassis technician Steve and electronics guru Mark, have really worked well together to get the bikes working almost perfectly for me, which gives me a lot of confidence to do my part. Pole is ideal but we missed it by 0.2secs or so. I’m generally a good starter, so as long as we start from the front row, I know that we can fight for the win right away.” Jordan says.

“Race 1 was a bit of a 3 way battle for the lead where I spent the majority of the race in second but in the end I had to settle for third. Race 2 was pretty intense. It was a 5 bike battle for the win from start to finish. The last few laps I swapped from 2nd, to 5th and back but lucked out passing for third and had to settle for 5th. That put us 4th overall for the day”.

During Saturdays program, Jordan secured 5th in Race 1 in repeat of Friday’s event. In race 2, Jordan was locked in a fight for the race lead when rider error resulted in his first DNF result for the season.

“We were running really well in that one. It was just the two of us with a fairly large gap to third. I looked several times at the move and found my spot. Unfortunately, I made a small mistake, and it cost me the race. I wasn’t able to continue the remaining 2 laps due to damages. I was very disappointed to let the team down, but I know how well we were performing. I haven’t made a mistake for a long time, and this one caught me out, so I’ll be sure not to repeat that and repay the team at Round 5 in a few weeks, which I’m already excited about. We were able to hold down third in the championship despite our DNF on Sunday and are still capable of winning the title, so I’m still very positive about the next two rounds”.

The fifth round of the championship is to be held at Queensland Raceway over October 28 – 30.

Championship Position After Round 4: 3rd


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Dynojet’s 2016 MotoAmerica Champions


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Hey race fans! This season has been a great one for Dynojet Research sponsored riders.  Our riders have clinched the championships in all 4 categories that we sponsor riders in. Also our other sponsored riders have finished the season strong and in great standings. Congrats to everyone for the outstanding season and showing that there is “Truth in Power”.

Congrats to Josh Hayes for his 2nd and 3rd finishes in the SuperBike season ender and his 2nd place finish overall this season and to Toni Elias for his 3rd and 1st finishes and 3rd overall in the points.  Finally in  SuperBike the new 2016 champ is Cameron Beaubier with his 2nd consecutive SuperBike Championship, congrats to the Monster Energy/Graves  Yamaha team.

Cameron Beaubier MotoAmerican Champion

Cameron Beaubier #1

In SuperStock 1000 we had riders Matthew Schotlz  and Danny Eslick finish 2nd and 3rd  in race 1 and Josh Herrin finish 2nd in race two.  Josh Herrin and his McGraw Powersports/Meen Yamaha took the championship for 2016 after a great season.  Congrats to Danny Eslick and TOBC Racing for their 4th place finish in the standings and to Mathew Scholtz and the Yamalube/Westby Racing team for their top 10 finish this year.


Josh Herrin #2

Supersport  600 saw our riders Garrett Garloff, JD Beach, and Valentin Debise finish 1,2,3 in both races and Garrett Garloff and the Y.E.S. Graves Yamaha take the championship. Congrats to Y.E.S. Graves Yamaha teammate JD Beach for his 2nd in the points and M4 Suzuki Valentin Debise for his 3rd place in the points. Rounding out the top ten we had Cameron Peterson 4th , Joe Roberts 6th , Bryce Prince 7th  , and Dakota Mamola 8th.


Garrett Gerloff #31

SuperStock 600 had Bryce Prince taking 2nd and Dakota Mamola 3rd in race 1 and Bryce taking 1st and Travis Wyman in 3rd in race two.  Once again congrats to Bryce Prince and the Tuned Racing team for their championship season.  We’d also like to extend a congrats to Travis Wyman 3rd Dakota Mamola 4th and Conner Blevins 6th.


Bryce Prince #74

Thanks for a great season everyone and enjoy your time off to regroup, rebuild and be ready to conquer next season.

Congratulations to all of our supported riders on a great season!
1. Cameron Beaubier (311);
2. Josh Hayes (305);

1. Josh Herrin (335);
4. Danny Eslick (214);
7. Mathew Scholtz (139);
8. Max Flinders (113);

1. Garrett Gerloff (326);
2. JD Beach (322);
3. Valentin Debise (246);
4. Cameron Petersen (189);
6. Joe Roberts (142);
7. Bryce Prince (141);
8. Dakota Mamola (94);

1. Bryce Prince (332);
3. Travis Wyman (185);
4. Dakota Mamola (177);
6. Conner Blevins (145);

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Two Wins For Beaubier at New Jersey


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Dynojet sponsored rider Cameron Beaubier had two first place finishes this past weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park. The podium for both Superbike races were filled with Dynojet sponsored riders. Josh Hayes finished in second place for both races and Larry Pegram finished in third place.BJN34731-3

Here are the results for other Dynojet sponsored riders:

Superstock 1000 Race 1:

3rd – Danny Eslick

4th – Josh Herrin

BJN33302-2#2 Josh Herrin

Supersport 600 Race 1

1st – JD Beach

2nd – Garrett Gerloff

3rd – Joe Roberts

5th – Valentine Debise

7th – Shane Narbonne

Supersport 600 Race 2

1st – Cam Peterson

2nd – Valentine Debise

3rd – JD Beach

BJN32936-2#95 JD Beach

Superstock 600 Race 1

1st – Bryce Prince

2nd – Connor Belvins

3rd – Dakota Mamola

Superstock 600 Race 2

1st – Dakota Mamola

2nd – Travis Wyman

3rd – Bryce Prince

BJN36800-2#74 Bryce Prince

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Dynojet Sponsored Rider Garrett Gerloff Dominates at Road Atlanta


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Gerloff dominated both Supersport Championship races taking two first place finishes. The results for Dynojet Sponsored teams are as follows:




Superbike Race 2
1s t –  Cameron Beaubier
2nd – Josh Hayes
4th – Kyle Wyman
#1 Cameron Beaubier

Superstock 1000 Race 1
2nd – Josh Herrin
3rd – Bobby Fong

Superstock 1000 Race 2
1st – Josh Herrin
4th – Bobby FongHerrin_sm#2 Josh Herrin

Supersport 600 Race 2
1st – Garrett Gerloff
2nd – Valentin Debise
3rd – JD Beach
4th – Joe Roberts
5th – Cameron Peterson
6th – Benny Solis JrSupersport_600_Image_SM#31  Garrett Gerloff

Superstock 600 Race 2
1st – Travis Wyman
2nd – Bryce Prince
3rd – Xavier Zayat
5th – Dakota MamolaWyman_SM#33 Travis Wyman

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Carlsson Secures Top 5 In Season Opener


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Australian Supersport regular, Jordan Carlsson, has opened the 2016 Australian Championship campaign with a consistent performance at the opening round, held at Sydney Motorsport Park on March 11-12.ASCr1EC16_5559.1-2

In mixed weather conditions, Carlsson piloted his YZF-R6 machine to a sound 4th place in qualifying on Friday afternoon, following a pair of 15 minute practice sessions in both wet, and damp conditions.

“Wet weather wasn’t the ideal situation while were are still somewhat adapting to the new Dunlop control tyre, but we feel we did a reasonable job to qualify on the front row,” he says.  “With preservation in mind, we completed minimal practice laps in wet conditions, but adapted quickly in a dry qualifying session.”ASCr1EC16_5652-2

The “twilight” style event spans four, sprint style races throughout the morning, and into the early evening, in which Carlsson achieved 5-6-5-7 results respectively, resulting in 5th overall outright.

“Having been injured for the first twilight style event in 2015, we faced a few hurdles that others had already experienced, and learned from the previous season,” Carlsson says. “I chose a tyre strategy that worked well in the initial stages, but degraded later on, making it hard to keep a hold of those of those on the back of.”ASCr1EC16_1152-2

“We’ve now learned, and can play apply a better strategy for the other run on this schedule later in the season, increasing our chance of victory,” he explains.

“Coming into the opening round, my personal goal was to open the year with a top 5 overall. Having achieved that, we can now focus on the next goal of scoring podium positions and points at each round from now on,” Jordan says.ASCr1EC16_6817-2

“I’m looking forward to the more traditional 3-day event at Mallala in a few weeks, where we can consistently build more momentum and achieve our next goal with a bigger picture in mine.”

Championship Position After 1 Round: 5

Round 2 of the 2016 Australian Superbike Championship is to be run over May 27-29 at Mallala Raceway, S.A.

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2015 MotoAmerica Season Results


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The 2015 MotoAmerica season wrapped up this past weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

 MotoAmerica SuperSport Championship: Joe Roberts looked to add some podium finishes in another class having already claimed the Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship. The  Meen/Wheels In Motion/MotoSport rider took 1st place in Race 1. His teammate, Josh Herrin, finished in 5th Place. In the Race 2, the duo finished with another podium finish, Josh in 1st and Joe in 2nd. Josh Herrin finished the year in 2nd place in overall points.Blog 1#2 Josh Herrin & #27 Joe Roberts

Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship: In Race 2, the top 2 podiums spots were filled with Power Commander equipped Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycles. Bryce Prince of Tuned Industries finished in 1st place and Travis Wyman of Wyman Racing finished in 2nd. In the overall standings, 4 Dynojet sponsored racers were in the top 5. Joe Roberts finished in 1st, Richie Escalante finished in 2nd, Travis Wyman finished in 3rd and Bryce Prince finished in 5th.

Blog 2#27 Joe RobertsBlog 3#24 Travis WymanBLog 4#74 Bryce Prince

Superstock 1000 Championship: Dynojet sponsored racers filled 4 of 6 podiums spots at Jersey in the Superstock 1000 class. Kyle Wyman of Kyle Wyman Racing had 2nd and 4th place finishes. Josh Day, of YamaLube/Westby Racing had two 3rd place finishes. Taylor Knapp, of TOBC Racing, had 4th and 2nd place finishes. Danny Eslick, of HSBK Racing, had two 5th place finishes. Mark Heckles, of Ryders Alley Racing, had 8th and 7th place finishes. In the final standings Taylor Knapp finished in 2nd, Mark Heckles finished in 3rd, Josh Day finished in 4th and Tyler O’Hara finished in 5th.Blog 9#33 Kyle WymanBlog 8#00 Josh DayBlog 7#44 Taylor KnappBlog 5#69 Danny EslickBlog 6#191 Mark Heckles

Superbike Championship:  Dynojet Sponsored Rider Elena Myers finished the season in 5th place in the overall standings. She had 6th and 7th place finishes this past weekend at New Jersey on board her Power Commander equipped Suzuki GSX-R1000 sponsored by McGraw PowerSports/Team21Motorsport.Blog 10#21 Elena Myers

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Dynojet Dominates Bazzaz Superstock 600 Class


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Laguna Seca- First, we’d like to congratulate Joe Roberts and his team (Meen/Wheels In Motion/MoTosport) for clinching the very first MotoAmerica Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship this weekend at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Joe sealed the deal with a first place finish on Saturday on board his Power Commander equipped Yamaha R6. With only 2 races left, 4 Power Commander equipped motorcycles are in the top 5 of the Bazzaz Superstock 600 Class. BLOG1#27 Joe RobertsBLOG3BLOG2

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Dynojet Sponsored Riders at Miller Motorsports Park


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Superstock 1000 Championship: Dynojet sponsored racers filled all the podiums spots this weekend at Miller in the Superstock 1000 class. Josh Day of Yamalube/Westby Racing won both of the races on his Power Commander equipped Yamaha R1. Taylor Knapp of TOBC Racing had 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Sheridan Morais of HSBK Racing had 3rd and 2nd places finishes. Mark Heckles of Ryders Alley Racing had 5th and 4th place finishes. Tyler Knapp is currently in 2nd place overall with 192 points, Mark Heckles is 3rd overall with 156 points, Tyler O’Hara is in 4th with 126 points, Josh Day is in 5th with 110 points and Sheridan Morais is in 6th place with 92 points.Blog 1#00 Josh DayBlog 2#44 Taylor KnappBlog 3#86 Sheridan Morais

Bazzaz Superstock 600 Championship: Five out of six of the podiums spots were filled with Power Commander equipped bikes. In Race 1, Joe Roberts of the Meen/Wheels In Motion/MoToSport Team finished in 1st place. Bryce Prince of Tuned Industries finished in 2nd place Richie Escalante of Escalante Racing finished in 4th place. Travis Wyman of Wyman Racing finished in 6th place. In Race 2, Joe Roberts continued his winning streak with another 1st place finish. Richie Escalante finished in 2nd place, Bryce Prince finished in 3rd place and Travis Wyman finished in 8th place. Joe Roberts is currently on top of the overall standings with 220 points, Richie Escalante is in 2nd with 183 points, Travis Wyman is in 3rd with 151 points and Bryce Prince is in 5th with 94 points. Blog 4#27 Joe RobertsBlog 5#54 Richie EscalanteBlog 6#24 Travis Wyman

MotoAmerica SuperSport Championship: Josh Herrin of the Meen/Wheels In Motion/MoTosport team had 1 podium appearance with his 3rd place finish in Race 1. Bobby Fong of Latus Motor Racing also had a podium appearance with a 2nd place finish in Race 2. Josh Herrin is currently in 2nd place in the overall standings with 196 points.Blog 7#2 Josh HerrinBlog 8#50 Bobby Fong

Superbike Championship: Danny Eslick of Turbo Turtle Racing had two 6th place finishes on board his Power Commander equipped Honda CBR1000RR. Elena Myers had a 9th place finish on board her Power Commander equipped Suzuki GSX-R1000 sponsored by McGraw PowerSports/Team21Motorsport.Blog 10#69 Danny EslickBlog 9#21 Elena Myers

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