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Mickey Thompson Performance Tires MIRock Superbike Series

event: 10th annual Lee’s Performance Fall Bike Nationals
when: November 3-4, 2012
where: Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina, USA

Very few names in the history of motorcycle drag racing equal or top those of Billy Vose and Rickey Gadson. These two legends took home big wins from the 10th annual Lee’s Performance Fall Bike Nationals, that annual hustler’s paradise and final race of the Mickey Thompson Performance Tires MIRock Superbike Series at Steve Earwood’s equally legendary Rockingham Dragway.

Gadson’s win came in arguably the most competitive of all pro classes, DME Racing Real Street. He qualified fifth, well behind multi-time champ Jeremy Teasley’s 7.78, run on one of Roger Starrette’s nitrous Kawasaki ZX14s. But getting quicker as raceday rolled on, Gadson was able to drive around Teasley in the semifinals aboard his own turbocharged 2012 Kawasaki ZX14-R.

With a commanding DME Real Street points lead, Johnny “Turbo” Dobrin was able to claim his first MIRock championship early in the weekend. Dobrin has been to every final this season and this race was no exception. Aboard his own Exoticycle turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa, Dobrin raced Gadson in Indianapolis last August. Rickey won that round and the final at The Rock was set-up to be a rematch. Gadson had lane choice but Dobrin cut a light on Rickey. RG1—the Original RG—was able to apply the big Kaw’s power more consistently in the right lane and drove around for the win.

Vose—who’s won more pro championships in more major series than anyone in the history of the sport—took the Mickey Thompson Pro Modified win over Tyler Wilson in the final. Wilson rides one of the big V-twin, nitrous-huffing Baggers campaigned by former NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champ Matt Smith. Matt wasn’t at Rockingham, so tuning was handled by Matt’s dad “Tricky” Ricky Smith. Wilson slapped an .015 light on Vose, but the MPS horsepower in the Mike Thyen-built Hayabusa Pro Mod that Billy rides powered him around with a 4.19 for the win in the eight mile class.

Ronnie Procopio, who’s won more championships than any other rider in MIRock history, already had the title secured before even turning a wheel at The Rock. Which is good for him, because Procopio broke against Wilson in the semi.

The pro class championship that was most in play this weekend was Orient Express Pro Street, home of the world’s quickest streetbikes. Two-time champion Rodney Williford held a small lead over class rookie Joey Gladstone coming into the event and put some distance on his rival by qualifying number 1. Gladstone’s attempt to qualify strategically went afoul when one bike was DQ’d, leaving Joey on the wrong side of the ladder to put the points leader out early.

So it was pretty much a moot point when Gladstone lost on a holeshot in the semis to his own DME Racing teammate, Greg Wallace. “Joey would have to have won the race and set the records, and that wasn’t likely to happen this weekend,” said DME’s Dimey Eddinger. “So we just told them to go at it.”

Wallace went at it a little too soon in the final, redlighting against Williford—who was able to clean the table with number 1 qualifier, the win and the championship.

Speaking of clean tables, Maryland racer Shayne Proctor took home two wins and one championship from The Rock. Proctor had to win the House of Speed Crazy 8s final to take that championship, and he was given a big boost in that regard by friendly rival Clay Davies, who took off immediately after staging and before the tree came down. Unimpressed, Proctor ran an 8.882 in the 8.88 index class to wrap it up.

Proctor ran .006 off his dial to beat Jerry Turner in the Trac King/APE Top Sportsman final. That class championship was won by Randolph “Boo” Brown, who also took the win in the intense Brock’s Performance Street ET Tournament of Champions. Brown beat Derek Crawford in the Tournament final.

Dale Hamilton won the Nitrous Express Pro ET Tournament of Champions final over “Fearsome” Andy Baumbach, then beat Mike Herman Sr. on Sunday night for the Pro ET win. Herman won Sunday’s Brock’s Performance Street ET final over Ben Knight. Saturday’s ET winners were Glenn Glass in Pro and Mike Schulz in Street. Runner-ups, respectively, were Wardell Pinkney and Terry “I used to be T-Bone but now I am perennial runner-up” Singleton.

Despite breaking his FBR Shop 5.60 bike in qualifying and losing in round 1 on an undialed-in back-up bike, Baumbach was still able to hold on to his points lead and claim the 5.60 crown. The Virginia plumber has now won championships in three classes during a short MIRock career. Jack Durant rode his former outlaw bike to the 5.60 race win over class sponsor Marion Ford in the final.

Coopers Performance “Afterdark Underground” ran deep into the night with grudge bikes going mano-y-mano for big…money? Who really knows…

The Mickey Thompson Performance Tires MIRock Superbike Series—the world’s biggest all-motorcycle drag racing series—resumes next March back at The Rock.

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ROCKINGHAM – Results from Sunday’s 10th annual Lee’s Performance Fall Bike Nationals at Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway, final event in the 2012 Mickey Thompson Performance MIRock Superbike Series:


Qualifying – 1. Ronald Procopio, Wake Forest, 4.089, 172.30 mph; 2. Billy Vose, Sherrills Ford, 4.170, 168.77 mph; 3. Nikie Corley, Jacksonville, Fla., 4.297, 163.85 mph; 4. Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, 4.498, 159.49 mph.
Round 1 – Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, .011, 4.458, 157.76 mph, def. Tommy Brounkowski, Greenwood, S.C., .132, 5.536, 97.07 mph; Nikie Corley, Jacksonville, Fla., .124, 4.270, 164.65 mph, def. Berry Harvoy, Winston-Salem, .086, 5.177, 122.87 mph; Billy Vose, Sherrills Ford, .110, 4.235, 160.92 mph, def. John Collins, Rocky Mount, foul; Ronald Procopio, Wake Forest, bye.
Semifinals – Vose, .053, 4.195, 168.30 mph, def. Corley, .058, 6.846, 65.98 mph; Wilson, .025, 4.956, 109.93 mph, def. Procopio, .119, 5.968, 75.22 mph.
FINAL – Billy Vose, Sherrills Ford, .097, 4.198, 167.66 mph, def. Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, .015, 4.536, 159.31 mph.


Qualifying – 1. Rodney Williford, Rougemont, 7.320, 198.15 mph; 2. Greg Wallace, Timberlake, 7.327, 200.14 mph; 3. Carl Lucas, Wilson, 7.423, 195.22 mph; 4. Eric Hart II, Teaneck, N.J., 7.643, 179.64 mph.
Round 1 – Rodney Williford, Rougemont, .172, 7.682, 193.38 mph, def. Stephen Scearce, Blairs, Va., no time; Greg Wallace, Timberlake, .144, 7.426, 188.62 mph, def. Neal Riddle, Roanoke, Va., .158, ;7.833, 189.95 mph; Eric Hart II, Teaneck, N.J., .231, 7.582, 183.39 mph, def. Manius Bunger, Johannesburg, South Africa, .268, 8.361, 184.14 mph; Joey Gladstone, Townsend, Del., .127, 7.371, 201.19 mph, def. Carl Lucas, Wilson, .104, 9.875, 92.66 mph.
Semifinals – Wallace, .107, 7.407, 188.52 mph, def. Gladstone, .155, 7.398, 204.51 mph; Williford, .129, 7.381, 203.40 mph, def. Hart, .177, 7.632, 183.77 mph.
FINAL – Rodney Williford, Rougemont, .131, 13.210, 55.85 mph, def. Greg Wallace, Timberlake, foul.


Qualifying – 1. Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, 7.788, 189.02 mph; 2. Johnny Dobrin, Sarasota, Fla., 7.857, 186.02 mph; 3. “Super Dave” Stewart, Mooresville, 7.865, 188.15 mph; 4. Joey Gladstone, Townsend, Del., 7.868, 188.60 mph.
Round 1 – Chris Moore, Taylors, S.C., .071, 7.978, 185.54 mph, def. Ed Murphy, Bridgeport, Conn., .134, 8.032, 179.88 mph; Joey Gladstone, Townsend, Del., .116, 7.857, 184.95 mph, def. David Merks, North Augusta, S.C., .166, 8.117, 181.50 mph; Rickey Gadson, Hammonton, N.J., .084, 7.908, 185.23 mph, def. Ben Bozarth, Millville, N.J., .126, 8.036, 180.69 mph; “Super Dave” Stewart, Mooresville, .140, 7.999, 181.79 mph, def. Victor Gotay, Sarasota, Fla., .191, 8.496, 160.65 mph; Johnny Dobrin, Sarasota, Fla., .144, 7.941, 180.86 mph, def. Chris Hart, King George, Va., .327, 8.901, 133.75 mph; Lee Shierts, Charlotte, .128, 7.972, 188.07 mph, def. Ashton Dickerson, Newark, N.J., .171, 8.087, 168.62 mph; Jeremy Teasley, Columbus, Ohio, bye.
Round 2 – Moore, .069, 8.036, 184.47 mph, def. Stewart, .147, 8.071, 182.97 mph; Teasley, .129, 7.990, 186.07 mph, def. Shierts, .034, 8.172, 185.56 mph; Gadson, .100, 7.826, 185.97 mph, def. Gladstone, .164, 8.021, 183.02 mph; Dobrin, bye.
Semifinals – Gadson, .075, 7.841, 181.81 mph, def. Teasley, .056, 7.911, 191.92 mph; Dobrin, .112, 7.852, 182.11 mph, def. Moore, .066, 7.916, 188.36 mph.
FINAL – Rickey Gadson, Hammonton, N.J., .076, 7.782, 182.23 mph, def. Johnny Dobrin, Sarasota, Fla., .012, 7.912, 186.61 mph.


Round 3 – Robert Johnson, Sandston, Va., .008, 8.909 on an 8.880, 139.54 mph, def. Michael Rankin, Staunton, Va., .091, 8.735 on an 8.700, 155.45 mph; Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., .112, 8.951 on an 8.930, 144.91 mph, def. Ron Arnold, Bowling Green, Ky., foul; Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., .075, 12.824 on an 8.840, 61.41 mph, def. Chris Clontz, Mechanicsville, Md., foul; Jim Shifflett, Waynesboro, Va., .051, 8.175 on an 8.150, 149.90 mph, def. Jermaine Proctor, Bryans, Md., .070, 9.085 on a 9.000, 142.52 mph.
Semifinals – Proctor, .038, 8.913 on an 8.840, 147.49 mph, def. Shifflett, .057, 8.220 on an 8.150, 156.14 mph; Turner, .039, 8.971 on an 8.930, 147.18 mph, def. Johnson, .079, 8.888 on an 8.880, 146.69 mph.
FINAL – Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., .052, 8.886 on an 8.870, 142.03 mph, def. Jerry Turner, Bluff City, Tenn., .097, 8.927 breakout on an 8.950, 151.73 mph.


Round 3 – Clay Davies, Petersburg, Va., .013, 8.916, 132.23 mph, def. Travis Bourdeaux, Harrisburg, .134, 8.946, 154.12 mph; B.J. Pryer, Chesapeake, Va., .049, 8.930, 138.23 mph, def. Ashton Dickerson, Newark, N.J., .094, 9.256, 146.13 mph; Robert Johnson, Sandston, Va., .062, 8.869, 148.87 mph, def. Barry Pryer Sr., Chesapeake, Va., .011, 8.730 breakout, 141.59 mph; Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., bye.
Semifinals – Davies, .034, 8.841, 148.40 mph, def. Johnson, .055, 8.830 breakout, 148.56 mph; Proctor, .040, 8.858, 147.89 mph, def. B.J. Pryer, foul.
FINAL – Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., .249, 8.882, 151.66 mph, def. Clay Davies, Petersburg, Va., no time.


Round 3 – Jack Durant, Durham, .108, 5.727, 121.44 mph, def. Cameron Shelton, Hardy, Va., .213, 5.651, 118.48 mph; Kevin Richardson, Norfolk, .055, 5.627, 124.18 mph, def. Schubert Clayton, Roanoke, Va., .078, 5.608, 121.67 mph; Toney Freeman, Stockbridge, Ga., .059, 5.548, 119.81 mph, def. Jim Shifflett, Waynesboro, Va., .069, 5.546 breakout, 123.81 mph; Marion Ford, Hampstead, Md., bye.
Semifinals – Durant, .004, 5.642, 125.68 mph, def. Freeman, .094, 5.585 breakout, 116.13 mph; Ford, .058, 5.625, 118.30 mph, def. Richardson, .100, 5.667, 121.17 mph.
FINAL – Jack Durant, Durham, .115, 5.785, 114.23 mph, def. Marion Ford, Hampstead, Md., .360, 5.723, 125.01 mph.


Round 6 – George Shriver, Glen Burnie, Md., .027, 8.641 on an 8.620, 143.12 mph, def. Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., .023, 8.911 on an 8.870, 147.70 mph; Glenn Glass, Manassas, Va. .067, 10.922 on a 10.960, 120.34 mph, def. Michael Herman Jr., Woodbridge, Va., .049, 9.345 breakout on a 9.400, 140.21 mph; Wardell Pinkney, Hyattsville, Md., .026, 9.913 on a 9.640, 119.45 mph, def. Terry Singleton, Clarkston, Ga., .120, 9.479 on a 9.100, 148.92 mph.
Semifinals – Glass, .096, 10.926 on a 10.920, 117.84 mph, def. Shriver, .064, 12.550 on an 8.620, 71.84 mph; Pinkney, bye.
FINAL – Glenn Glass, Manassas, Va., .065, 10.961 on a 10.910, 119.58 mph, def. Wardell Pinkney, Hyattsville, Md., .210, 9.639 on a 9.620, 131.55 mph.


Round 6 – Lamond Payne, Winston-Salem, .015, 10.084 on a 10.120, 127.68 mph, def. Eric Griffith, Riner, Va., foul; Mike Schultz, Manassas Park, Va., .050, 9.065 on a 9.050, 149.08 mph, def. Rick Janney Jr., Roanoke, Va., .108, 8.902 breakout on an 8.910, 144.92 mph; Terry Singleton, Clarkston, Ga., .045, 9.175 on a 9.100, 128.46 mph, def. Mike Herman Sr., Fredericksburg, Va., .047, 8.922 breakout on an 8.950, 145.91 mph.
Semifinals – Schultz, .036, 9.084 on a 9.50, 149.28 mph, def. Payne, foul; Singleton, bye.
FINAL – Mike Schultz, Manassas Park, Va., NA, 9.049 on a 9.060, 145.83 mph, def. Terry Singleton, Clarkston, Ga., NA, 9.007 breakout on a 9.080, 149.00 mph.


Round 2 – Andy Baumbach, Fairfax Station, Va., .128, 8.181 on an 8.180, 146.45 mph, def. Michael Herman Sr., Fredericksburg, Va., .118, 8.884 on an 8.870, 153.35 mph; Dale Hamilton, Mount Airy, Md., .031, 9.982 on a 9.980, 133.76 mph, def. Wardell Pinkney, Hyattsville, Md., foul; Bob Carlson, Turrington, Conn., bye.
Semifinals – Hamilton, .043, 9.974 on a 9.970, 130.33 mph, def. Carlson, .037, 9.172 breakout on a 9.180, 134.26 mph; Baumbach, bye.
FINAL – Dale Hamilton, Mt. Airy, Md., .031, 9.919 on a 9.970, 134.67 mph, def. Andy Baumbach, Fairfax Station, Va., foul.


Round 1 – Derek Crawford, Charlottesville, Va., .014, 9.124 on a 9.080, 144.84 mph, def. Shayne Proctor, Indian Head, Md., .062, 8.860 breakout on an 8.890, 145.70 mph; Barry Purnell, Henderson, .113, 11.164 on an 11.250, 116.67 mph, def. Ben Knight, Bristol, Tenn., foul; Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., .046, 9.384 on a 9.350, 146.35 mph, def. Jermaine Proctor, Bryans, Md., .099, 9.067 breakout on a 9.100, 147.20 mph; Mike Schultz, Manassas Park, Va., bye.
Semifinals – Crawford, .039, 9.212 on a 9.090, 126.88 mph, def. Purnell, .039, 11.481 on an 11.200, 112.47 mph; Brown, .094, 9.430 on a 9.360, 131.72 mph, def. Schultz, .052, 9.154 on a 9.030, 148.58 mph.
FINAL – Boo Brown, Potomac Falls, Va., .037, 9.416 on a 9.370, 145.89 mph, def. Derek Crawford, Charlottesville, Va., .028, 9.165 on a 9.090, 131.01 mph.

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Power Commander 5 Video Install for 2012-13 ZX-14R Models


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New Power Commander 5 install video for 2012-13 ZX-14R models. Two more additional install videos should be finished and uploaded by the end of this week. (Quickshifter install and Ignition Module install.) Both installations will be on the 2012 ZX-14R. Stay tuned.

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Honda CBR600RR Project Bike Engine Notes


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After a few months of preparation by the motorcycle tuning aces at Camarillo, California-based Jett Tuning, our Honda CBR600RR project racer was finally ready to hit the racetrack. We raced it last September with the WERA Motorcycle Racing club at Southern California’s Auto Club Speedway. Here are some concise notes regarding the performance aspects of the machine with an in-depth reviews coming soon:

ENGINE POWER / TUNEABILITY: While the CBR600RR has some serious mid-range ‘oomph for a 600cc Inline Four, it doesn’t generate an abundance of peak power. In an effort to get a little more juice, without breaking the piggy bank, we fitted a Yoshimura RS-5 Full Exhaust (stainless-steel header and mid-pipe, carbon fiber muffler). The fuel-injection and ignition timing maps were then modified via a Dynojet Power Commander V. We also poured in a few gallons of VP Racing Fuel’s new nostril burning MR12 race gas.

The difference compared to a stocker was considerable with the engine offering more pull at all rpm. Top-end power still wasn’t spectacular as it flattened out toward redline, however it generated power evenly with lots of over-rev—giving the rider some leeway. I was also amazed with the level engine tune-ability courtesy of the Power Commander. With it installed you can tune zero, two, five, 15, 20, 40, 60, and 100-degree throttle angle openings as well as every 250 rpm. Only problem is that you need a person capable of inputting the right numbers in the right tables on the computer screen and that’s where Jett Tuning comes in to play. It’s crazy how quickly, owner John Ethell, can modify the maps. Like I’m talking about less a couple minutes right at the track. I guess it’s no surprise as Ethell has wrenched for some of the greatest pro racers ever including Miguel Duhamel, Ben Bostrom, Jake Zemke and Nicky Hayden just to name a few.

We tested a lot of maps during practice and got the bike’s fueling and throttle response dialed-in to perfection come race time which was impressive considering we had some fuel overeating problems due to the 110-plus degree ambient temperature (more on that later).

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